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New KIT Phone Numbers from January 01, 2011

Telecommunications Systems of Campus North and Campus South Will Be Interconnected – Old Phone Numbers Will Be Maintained for a Limited Period of Time

KIT will have a new central phone number. From January 01, 2011, Campus North and Campus South will be reached by dialing the area code of Karlsruhe “0721” and the extension “608” that so far has been valid for the University Sector/Campus South only. This number will be followed by a five-digit extension: “0721/608-xxxxx”. For a limited period of time, the phone number of the Large-scale Research Sector/Campus North “07247-82-xxxx” will be maintained.

The known extension numbers will also be maintained. However, they will be extended from four to five digits: Extensions of Campus North will be preceded by the digit “2”, extensions of Campus South by “4”. Hence, the former Campus North number “07247/82-1234” will change to “0721/608-2 1234”. The corresponding phone number of Campus South will be “0721/608-4 1234”. The same will apply to all fax numbers.

From January, the old four-digit phone numbers will be identified as being incomplete by the telephone system and transferred to an internal call center. For a limited period of time, these calls will be switched to the correct partner, as Campus North and Campus South extensions may be identical. Later on, an automatic message will be provided and the caller will be referred to the switchboard. “Incorrect” fax numbers unfortunately cannot be corrected technically, such that the sender will receive an error message.

del, 7.12.2010