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Energy Supply for Tomorrow Energy Supply for Tomorrow
Siliziumkarbid steigert Energieeffizienz _Quelle: Trumpf
New Joint Project at KIT: Silicon Increases Energy Efficiency

To enhance the efficiency of power supply in industrial processes and thus save energy is the goal of the new joint project "MMPSiC".

Solarspeicherpark am Campus Nord des KIT (Bild: Markus Breig, KIT)
Energy Turnaround: Integrating Renewable Energies

The new SCI program of the Helmholtz Association focuses on the development of energy storage systems and infrastructures.

Steuerung der Zelldifferenzierung: Lange, blau markierte Zellfortsätze tragen an ihrer Spitze den rot eingefärbten Botenstoff Wnt. Kontaktstellen färben sich gelb (Aufnahme: Eliana Stanganello und Steffen Scholpp)
How Cells Communicate

Research on zebrafish provides insight into the development of the central nervous system of vertebrates.

6. Karlsruher Kongress "Wie bringen wir Kinder und Jugendliche in Bewegung?"
6th Karlsruhe Convention of IfSS and FoSS

"How can we put children and adolescents in motion?" The convention offers suggestions.

Logo der Veranstaltung
FZI celebrate its 30th birthday Forschungszentrum Informatik have an open day and a celebration on January 28 and 29.
Colloquium: Safety for Traffic Junctions

Colloquium on January 28 - experts present latest results from research and practice.

KIT president Professor Holger Hanselka
"Strong Signal for Research and Teaching"

KIT President Hanselka welcomes the new agreement on university funding "Perspektive 2020".

ZAK Director Elected for Two Committees

Robertson-von Trotha was elected as member of the ifa advisory council and UNESCO expert committee.

Information Event for Female Pupils

Meet female scientists at work: "Professions of Female Scientists" on January 28, 2015.

Mentoring Programs at KIT: Apply Now!

Application period for the KIT mentoring programs Female Talents and X-Ment has started.

Georg Forster Research Prize for Igor Kamarov

The prize is combined with a research stay in Germany, that Komarov will spend at KIT.