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2015 Science Year: "Future City" 2015 Science Year:
Die Ausbreitung von Wellen zu verstehen, zu simulieren und zu steuern, ist Ziel des neuen mathematischen Sonderforschungsbereichs „Wellenphänomene: Analysis und Numerik“ am KIT (Abbildung: SFB 1173)
Understanding and Steering the Spreading of Waves

German Research Foundation funds new collaborative research centre on wave phenomena at KIT and new "Transregio" on weather forecast under participation of KIT.

Das Programm zum Tag der offenen Tür am Campus Süd des KIT am 27. Juni 2015 ist online
Open Day at KIT Campus Sout: Program Online Now

All the events, all the information at a glance: The program of the Open Day at KIT Campus South on June 27 is now available.

Daimler-Chef Zetsche: „Das Auto der Zukunft ist emissionsfrei und fahrerlos“ (Foto: KIT)
Successful Premiere for EST Congress

600 participiants discussed on topics such as renewable energies, energy efficiency, and storages.

Landschaftspflege statt Monokultur
New Study: Landscaping Instead of Monoculture

In biogas production grass is an alternative to silo corn, which blocks large areas for food growth.

Dr. Hong He (Leiter des Helmholtz-Büros in Peking), Stefan Ruhrmann (Leiter der KIT-Repräsentanz in Suzhou), Hanselka, Gisela Lanza (Direktorin GAMI und Institutsleiterin Produktionssysteme am wbk), Frau Paetz und Jiaying Tang (Manager). (Bild: KIT)
KIT Intensifies Partnership with China

KIT intensifies cooperations with universities and companies in China.

KIT Concert Choir at "Das Fest"

KIT concert choir is on stage at "Das Fest-Klassikfrühstück" on July 26.

Innovations for a Digital World

Initiative "Germany– Land of Ideas" honors two projects with the involvement of KIT.

Bright Facades and Trees Against Heat and Smog

Temperature is closely linked to air quality in cities and both require joint solutions.

Reports about Nepal Earthquakes

CEDIM publishes scientific damage reports about the earthquakes in Nepal. 

3rd KIT 10-km Running Championship

Now, it is possible to sign up for the "3. KIT-Meisterschaft" on June 27.

Botanischer Garten Karlsruhe (Foto: Achim Mende)
KIT Alumni Meeting from June 26 to 28

Among others, KIT invites alumni to meet at the rooftop café near the Ehrenhof.