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Excellence Strategy Excellence Strategy
There are 537 weather stations in Germany: The blue dots show the stations where an AI model made the best predictions, the orange dots show those where a standard procedure was more accurate (source: Sebastian Lerch, KIT).
Local and Precise: Neural Networks in Weather Forecasting

KIT scientists use artificial intelligence techniques to make weather forecasts more accurate.

The KIT in the excellence strategy (photo: Sandra Göttisheim, KIT)
The KIT in the Excellence Strategy

KIT has acquired two “Clusters of Excellence” within the Excellence Strategy launched by the federal and state governments.

From June 19, the Eucor Tour will again be rolling through the Upper Rhine region. (Photo: Tanja Meißner, KIT)
Tour Eucor 2019: Experiencing the Upper Rhine on the Bike

Five-day round trip to the locations of "Eucor - The European Campus" – start at Karlsruhe palace.

The Karlsruher Messstraßenbahn now records mechanical and electrical parameters as well as various environmental parameters during regular passenger operation. (Photo: AVG/Michael Krauth)
Green Light for the Measuring Tram in Karlsruhe

KIT and AVG want to improve local rail transport by intelligent sensors and machine learning.

Tag der offenen Tür des KIT, Campus Ost (Grafik: KIT)
Mobility in the Focus – Open Day at KIT

KIT will open its doors on Campus East on June 29. This event will also mark the start of the EFFEKTE science festival.

Symbolbild KI (Foto: Eisenhans - stock.adobe.com)
Science Year "Artificial Intelligence"

The dossier on the 2019 Science Year provides an overview of the diverse AI activities at KIT.

50 Years of Computer Science Program

Minister of Science Bauer congratulates the IT location Karlsruhe on its pioneering role then and now.

Eucor - The European Campus Grows and Bears Fruit

Universities on the Upper Rhine establish cross-border professorships.

Schlosslichtspiele Karlsruhe (Photo: Fränkle/Stadt Karlsruhe)
KIT to Join Schlosslichtspiele

On the occasion of KIT’s 10th anniversary, the KIT Climate and Environment Center will organize a film contribution.

Robot (Photo: Markus Breig, KIT)
Potential of AI in Hazardous Environments

Report of the Learning Systems Platform also contains requirements and structural options.

Groundwater Exploration

New method quantifies the state and level of groundwater and subsoil.