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Irma, Harvey & Co. Irma, Harvey & Co.
Eine Hand an der ein Teig klebt
Why Doughs Stick to Surfaces

Scientists have studied dough adhesion on various surfaces. Their results could make bakeries more hygienic and productive.

Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis (Foto: Ernst)
German Sustainability Award for Bio-electrochemical Fuel Cell

Joint project with partners from research and industry is developing the building blocks of an energy-generating wastewater treatment plant.

Dr. Martin Brudermüller, BASF, und Professor Holger Hanselka, Präsident des KIT (Foto: Dölger, BASF)
KIT and BASF Strengthen Joint Research

The education and research institution and the industrial company plan to cooperate in teaching, innovation, and recruiting qualified staff.

Ministerialdirektor Prof. Dr. Uwe Lahl (vorne rechts) und Dr. Frank Mentrup, OB Karlsruhe (Foto: Roland Fränkle, Presseamt Stadt Karlsruhe)
Test Field Autonomous Driving: Trial Operation Starts

The test field Autonomous Driving Baden-Württemberg has started trial operation in Karlsruhe and Heilbronn.

Gruppenbild: Konsortialpartner des Projekts RegioMOVE (Foto: KVV / Peter Hennrich)
From Transport Network to Mobility Provider

KIT supports the RegioMOVE project, in which an innovative mobility concept for the Karlsruhe region is to be developed, with know-how.

Weltkarte mit blauen Markierungen der Karstgebiete
New World Map Shows Karst Aquifers

Under the auspices of UNESCO, the most detailed world map of karst aquifers so far has been created within an international project at KIT.

10 Years Nanoscribe - High-Tech 3D Printers

The spin-off of KIT is one of the most successful high-tech start-ups in Germany in recent years on a global growth course.

Die Stifter und Preisträger des Science Award sowie Gastgeber Prof. Hanselka stehen auf dem Podium
Science Award: KIT Hosted Awards Ceremony

In the presence of guests from science and industry, BASF and Volkswagen presented the prestigious award to MIT researcher Jennifer Rupp.

Zukunftspreis: Artificial Hands of Enhanced Sensitivity

The startup of a scientist of KIT was in the final of the prestigious award competition and now is in the “circle of the best.”

Von links: Christian Koos, Manfred Kohl und Sascha Mühlbrandt (Foto: Gips-Schüle-Stiftung,Thomas Niedermüller)
Gips-Schüle Research Award for Ultracompact Photodetector

For the world's smallest plasmonic photodetector, three KIT scientists are granted the Gips-Schüle Research Award.

Erhalten Consolidator Grants des ERC: Christian Koos (links) und Christian Greiner (Fotos: Laila Tkotz, KIT)
Research on Terahertz Signals and Friction-optimized Metals

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Consolidator Grants to KIT scientists Christian Koos and Christian Greiner.