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Between Quarks and Cosmos Between Quarks and Cosmos
Forscherin mit Messboje
Smart Buoy: An Effective Eye on Pollutants in Waters

KIT researchers and partners develop an intelligent sensor system to monitor waters.

Nahaufnahme der Wasserpflanze Salvinia molesta
Learning From Water Fern: Nanofur for Oil Spill Cleanup

Publication in journal: Researchers of KIT have found that some water ferns can absorb large volumes of oil within a short time.

Gewitterwolken über Savé
Fires Pollute the Air in West Africa

KIT coordinates EU-funded project DACCIWA that studies the air over the coastal region of West Africa.

Gruppenbild der INERATEC-Gründer
KIT Participates in Spinoff INERATEC

Thus the KIT promotes an innovative company, which could revolutionize the chemical engineering.

Porträt Dr. Elisabeth Wilhelm
German Thesis Award for Braille Display

Elisabeth Wilhelm, KIT, developed a display which makes graphic elements tangible for the visually impaired.

Tailored Probe Tips for Atomic Force Microscopes

Publication in Applied Physics Letters: Scientists of KIT produce customized probe tips using 3D printing.

International Networking Days at KIT

Members of KIT can register for the workshops and talks that take place between September 26 and 28.

Annual Report 2015 Has Been Published

Review on exciting events, changes and trends at KIT in 2015.

Material Damage after Scientific Test

Deflagration in Organic Chemistry laboratory: No damage to persons, no hazardous gases emitted.

KIT 16e: Overall Victory at the Hockenheimring

For the first time KA-RaceIng wins the overall standings in the Formula Student Germany with its electro racing car.

Grafik elektronisches Navigationssystem
Navigation System for Visually Impaired

The TERRAIN project of KIT and several partners develops a new assistance system for the blind and visually impaired.