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Postal Address

Kaiserstraße 12

D-76131 Karlsruhe




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Prof. Dr. Michael Decker
Head of Division
Professor Dr. Michael Decker

+49 721 608-41050

michael deckerCjy3∂kit edu

Sabine Hoffarth
Administrative Assistant
Sabine Hoffarth

+49 721 608-41051

sabine hoffarthWkw5∂kit edu

Personal Assistant
Dr. Sabrina Bleich-Barić

+49 721 608-41054

sabrina bleich-baricKlh5∂kit edu

Papia Schäfer
Manager Human Ressources
Dr. Papia Schäfer

+49 721 608-41055

papia schaeferOnf2∂kit edu

Tanja Hermann
Financial Manager
Tanja Hermann

+49 721 608-41053

  tanja hermannQof9∂kit edu

Bereich II - Informatik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

Division II comprises all institutes formerly belonging to the Departments of Informatics, Economics & Management, and Humanities & Social Sciences as well as the Institutes ITAS and SCC. The Division also includes two Helmholtz programmes and one Helmholtz research facility (Supercomputing, TIS, GridKa) as well as three KIT-Faculties (Informatics, Economics & Management, and Humanities & Social Sciences).


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