Competence Field "Hydrosphere and Environmental Engineering"

Research on the hydrosphere deals with all processes, natural and man-made, that govern the distribution, flow and transport of water on earth, from global to regional to local scales. This includes contributions from the natural sciences (such as  hydrology, fluid mechanics, chemistry, geology, biology), from the engineering sciences (mostly civil and environmental engineering, chemical and process engineering), and the socio-economic sciences. Water is considered in all its forms, with its quantitative and qualitative attributes, as a carrier of energy, heat and matter, and as an ecological habitat. Ongoing applied research projects at KIT include water supply and wastewater engineering, integrated water resources planning for both surface and ground water (stressing catchment-wide approaches, as mandated by the new EU-Water Framework Directive), river and reservoir engineering, environmental fluid mechanics, treatment and disposal technologies for hazardous wastes (including nuclear wastes), surface water renaturalization, and groundwater remediation.