Competence Area "Earth and Environment"

This competence area investigates the Earth system both in its natural state and under man-made influences and modifications. Structures of and processes in and between the major compartments geosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere, biosphere and atmosphere are comprehensively studied in coupled and strongly interdisciplinary approaches. Human influences include the construction of settlements, landscape modifications through industry, agriculture or mining, final disposal of waste products, the release of pollutants into air, water, and soil, resource consumption, and climate change. Various research activities address these impacts on a wide range of scales from local effects to global change. The competence area therefore improves knowledge and provides basic process understanding in order to derive science based engineering and socio-economic solutions to problems as diverse as risk assessment and reduction, mitigation of and adaptation to climate change and infrastructure management.


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The Competence Area "Earth and Environment" covers the following Competence Fields: 

Elected Representative: Dr. Ottmar Möhler
Elected Deputy Representative: n.n.