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Grid Computing Centre Karlsruhe (GridKa)

German Tier-1 center for the LHC

In order to process and analyse the huge amount of data of the Large Hadron Collider at the European research center CERN, scientists have established a global network of computers. As one of eleven tier-1 centers worldwide the Grid Computing Centre Karlsruhe (GridKa), located at the Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC), is responsible for the storage and analysis of a significant part of data from the LHC experiments “ALICE“, “ATLAS“, “CMS“ and “LHCb“. Furthermore SCC provides compute and storage capacity for other high energy physics experiments as well as the astroparticle physics experiment “Auger”.

In five European countries more than 15 tier-2 centers are connected to GridKa being their assigned tier-1 center. They store simulated data and receive experiment data for the evaluation by the physicians.

At SCC presently several thousand CPU cores, hard drives and magnetic tapes with a total capacity of about 20 petabytes are available for the analysis and evaluation of the LHC experiments. Redundantly installed central components, grid services and information systems as well as a detailed monitoring of more than 22,000 system components and individual services guarantee a reliable system for science at SCC.