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Matter and Universe Program

Matter and Universe

View into the KATRIN spectrometer vessel

Astroparticle physics is a young, interdisciplinary area of research at the interface of astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, and particle physics. Our understanding of building blocks of matter and forces that act between them, the extreme states shortly after the big bang, the evolution and structure formation in the universe, the role of cosmic radiation in all types of particles and energy ranges as well as of the effects of gravitation and dark matter has progressed enormously.

Worldwide, the potential of astroparticle physics is estimated to be very high. On the international level, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is operating the KASCADE facility and is involved  in the Pierre Auger Observatory for the investigation of cosmic radiation, the EDELWEISS experiment for direct search for dark matter and the KATRIN facility in neutrino physics.