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Commercial and industrial enterprises, scientific institutions and visiting researchers, private donators and sponsors: the scope of potential cooperations with the KIT is large.


From the 150 scientific institutes of the KIT arise research-based technologies, products and processes. They offer innovative solutions for large-scale, medium-sized and small-scale industry of all sectors. The technologies at the interface of science and economy are close to the market and economically advantageous.

In the field of innovation as well as in research and teaching the KIT collaborates with strong partners: in scientific networks, in alliances with numerous universities and research institutions all over the world.

Enterprises and private sponsors support the KIT: with donations, grants and foundations they enable the expansion of activities in research, teaching and innovation and make a promising investment in the future of the KIT.



Medical Technology: Printers for Molecules

The startup project is now supported by the "Helmholtz Enterprise" funding programme with 200,000 euros over a period of twelve months.

Meeting Production Challenges Together

Jürgen Fleischer, KIT, presented the requirements on an innovation-driven  economy to the Chinese Prime Minister.

Superconducting Undulator Reached Product Status

Successful factory testing, delivery, and installation of the first in-series produced superconducting undulator at KIT.

KIT Expands Cooperation in China

With its partner university from Suzhou, the KIT China Branch intends to explore digital change and promote the exchange of knowledge and scientists.

Cooperate With the Right Partners

Entrepreneurs and Scientists meet up in KIT-Business-Club to discuss the latest trends.

Cooperate Successful With KIT

For every cooperation between Science and Economy there is a convenient cooperationform.