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Modern and Excellent: Qualification for a Professorship

At KIT, new, modern approaches to a professorship have been established apart from post-doctoral lecture qualification: Leadership of a junior research group, junior professorship, and parallel work in industry.

ProfessorinA central strategic element of support is the Young Investigator Network (YIN), the independent network of all young investigators that has already gained international recognition.



Dr. Frank Schröder focuses on astroparticle physics, in particular the radio measurement of high-energy cosmic radiation (photo: Markus Breig, KIT)
Antennas for Cosmic Rays

Dr. Frank Schröder receives an ERC Starting Grant of EUR 1.6 million for five years.

Top Grade for Young Investigator Group

The Council for "Research and Promotion of Young Scientists" (CRYS) has confirmed the extraordinary success of Young Investigator Group "Green Mobility" by Dr. Luise Kärger.

Three new Junior Research Groups at KIT

Physicist Dr. Anna Böhmer, meteorologist Dr. Christian Grams and chemist Dr. Julia Maibach will be heading a junior research group at KIT from fall 2017. The groups are respectively funded by the Helmholtz Association and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with a sum of 1,8 million EUR for a period of 5-6 years.