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Graduate School KSOP

The Karlsruhe School of Optics & Photonics (KSOP) meanwhile has turned into an established first-class training and research institution in the field of optical technologies with 14 professors, more than 75 active Ph. D. students, more than 40 alumni, and an international master program. Optics and Photonics (O&P) are the keys to numerous industrial high technologies and stimulate fundamental research in physics, chemistry, life sciences, and engineering.

The master and Ph. D. programs of KSOP are implemented by the four KIT Departments of Physics, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Chemistry and Biosciences, as well as Mechanical Engineering. KSOP research activities concentrate on photonic materials and components, modern spectroscopy, biomedical photonics, and optical systems. KSOP is planned to grow quantitatively and qualitatively in the second funding phase.

The scope of disciplines covered will be extended by integrating other KIT institutes, for example, the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research. Due to the central role of O&P for the use of solar energy and the latter’s high industrial and societal relevance, activities in the field of solar energy will be pooled and intensified in a new, fifth research area. Spokesperson is Professor Ulrich Lemmer.