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Hochschulgruppe R2B Student

Students in Research

KIT focuses on research-oriented teaching. The close interlinking of large-scale research and teaching opens up many opportunities to involve students in research at an early stage.

In the programme of the German federal and state governments for better study conditions and more teaching quality, the federal government funds the project "KIT - Lehre hoch Forschung" (Research-based Education). The aim is to introduce KIT students to research in their early semesters

An internship in accelerator physics at the Karlsruhe Research Accelerator (KARA), a job in the bioliq pilot plant, where a process to produce fuel from biomass has been established, a seminar paper at the wbk Institute of Production Sciende about the digital factory - three examples from a variety of opportunities for students to participate in current research.

Current research questions also characterize many theses - from app development to the drive engineering of electric vehicles.