Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Research Data Management

KIT supports its scientists in handling research data.

Responsible use of research data is indispensable to reproduce scientific findings and to make them accessible to and usable by science and society. For the security, storage, and sustainable supply of these data, specific standards have to be applied and legal framework conditions must be observed. To support its scientists in handling research data, KIT has established the Research Data Management Service Team RDM∂KIT.

RDM@KIT Service Team

The Service Team offers advice and renders services to ensure effective research data management according to FAIR (Findable – Accessible – Interoperable – Reusable) principles in all phases of the research cycle (see Figure). In addition, the Service Team develops specific information infrastructures in projects together with researchers.

The main actors in the RDM@KIT Service Team are the KIT Library and the Steinbuch Centre for Computing. They are assisted by other organizational units of KIT.

Grafische Darstellung des Forschungsdatenzyklus (Grafik: CY-BY-SA rdm.kit.edu) CY-BY-SA rdm.kit.edu
Research data cycle from the generation to the reuse of data. (Graphics: CY-BY-SA rdm.kit.edu).