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BioInterfaces Program

BioInterfaces Program

Arbeitsschwerpunkge Programm BioGrenzflaechen

Many problems that society faces today, originate from our inability to effectively control living systems. Existing strategies frequently lack the requisite specificity and efficacy demanded by modern medicine, biotechnology and industry. Thus, the challenge is to develop novel approaches to manipulate living systems.

The smallest “living” components of biological systems are cells. So logically, any attempt to manipulate a living system effectively must entail targeting its cellular components.The control of cell behaviour relies upon “interfaces”, which represent dynamic points of contact between cells, between cells and specific elements of their environment, and between molecules such as elements of signalling cascades. These interfaces therefore represent logical control points in strategies aimed to manipulate cell behaviour.

The BioInterfaces program brings together biologists, chemists, physicists, IT specialists, engineers, and material scientists with the common goal of controlling living systems, and bridges the gap between fundamental research and development of application-oriented technologies and products.