Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Energy Efficiency, Materials and Resources

Flow gasifier of the bioliq® pilot plant
Material development
Micro heat exchanger at high temperatures in operation

A significant increase of efficiency in the provision and consumption of energy, resources, and materials, in combination with an unprecedented rise of the share of renewable energy, is of paramount importance to the successful transformation of energy supply in Germany.

The reduction of primary energy consumption and of greenhouse gas emissions can only be accomplished by a higher crosslinking and optimisation of process chains, with the topics of resources, material developments, process engineering, and energy transformation processes being considered a holistic system.

At the same time, transformation of energy supply requires the development of extraordinary flexibility regarding fuels, power plant load, and the related infrastructure. This is due to the necessity of a demand-driven, competitive, and environmentally friendly energy provision for society and industry, which complements that from renewable sources.

  • Efficient and Flexible Power Plants: stands for the continuing development of centralised as well as decentralised power plants, with a special emphasis on high fuel and load flexibility with further increasing efficiency
  • Energy-efficient Processes: Research goals are a significant increase in efficiency regarding the individual process chains and, at the same time, a reduction of consumption of the respective resources
  • Methods and Concepts for Materials Development: accounts for the growing significance of materials for the development and increase of efficiency of energy conversion and industrial processes
  • Efficient Use of Fuel Resources: will generate a major contribution to stabilizing future energy supply systems which will be characterized by a very high share of fluctuating renewable energy resources.
  • Resource Technology: development of energy- and material-efficient technologies for mineral and metalliferous resources