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KIT Coordinator for the Integration of Refugees
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On March 01, 2016, Daniela von Rüden started work as refugee coordinator at KIT. She is the central contact person for the support and integration of refugees at KIT.


Information and counselling service for refugees

Every Thursday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in building 50.20, ground floor, room no. 005.

The KIT Student Ambassadors are happy to answer general questions regarding the educational system in Germany and the studying opportunities at KIT.

Further information

Information for Refugees: Videos in Arabic

Playlist with seven videos in Arabic on YouTube.

Refugees at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

KIT supports the Baden-Württemberg Initial Reception Center in Karlsruhe by providing accommodation for refugees on two of its campuses – many volunteers help. In addition, a scholarship and a guest auditor program is to enable the refugees to study.

KIT supports the Baden-Württemberg Initial Reception Center in Karlsruhe by making available space and rooms on two of its campuses. On KIT Campus East, the regional council has put up tents for an average of 700 refugees. In addition, an old building on KIT Campus North is used for accommodating presently around 600 refugees.

Moreover, KIT supports the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research, and the Arts in organizing a scholarship program for 50 Syrian refugees to continue or start university studies (Deadline for the scholarship: 31.03.2016). About 10 scholarship holders wish to study at KIT and are presently attending preparatory courses of mathematics, computer science, chemistry, and physics. From October, the Studienkolleg will offer German language courses for them.

KIT has also launched a guest auditor program for refugees and, together with the General Students Committee, organizes courses and gives advice. The refugees are to start university studies at an early stage as guest auditors by joining lectures and meeting other students. In this way, KIT supports those, who wish to further qualify later on, to complete their studies, or to find orientation. The costs arising for guest auditors will be borne by KIT. Interested persons can come to the orientation day on October 01, 2015. The International Students Office provides information on regular admission of foreign applicants to studies at KIT.

Both staff members and students of KIT show an enormous voluntary commitment. So far, several hundred volunteers have joined the initiative “Flüchtlingshilfe am KIT” (refugee assistance at KIT). They work on improving the conditions for the refugees on the campus. Among others, the volunteers have organized a tea room, handicraft hours, and a clothing store.

The Enactus students group of KIT carries out numerous projects for refugees. For example, the students offer language courses and organize soccer games. Their photobook Flüchtlingszeit” (Time of refugees) that is to be issued in November wants to tell stories of refugees together with them.

In this 2015/16 winter semester, the ZAK will offer the Service-Learning-Seminar “Aktiv in ‘fremden’ Welten – studienbegleitendes Engagement in der Flüchtlingsarbeit” (Active in foreign worlds – helping refugees parallel to studies). Here, students can combine knowledge acquisition with social commitment. For participation in the seminar, credit points in key qualifications may be acquired. 

The International Scholars and Welcome Office , which is contact point for all international scientists, provides information for Threatened Researchers.

PKM, 02.10.2015 (updated: 16.03.2016)