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Offers for Pupils

From the children’s university via pupils' laboratories to traineeships preparing for various professions: at KIT, pupils of all ages can gather information and impressions.
Three pupils

In a wide range, the offers adress both individuals interested in learning and entire school classes which may come to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with their teachers. KIT provides insights into science during school time. Numerous KIT institutes offer courses that are specially tailored to the needs of pupils.

Among the diverse events are, for example, lectures, study preparation courses, pupils‘ study programs and laboratories as well as numerous activities which present study or professional opportunities.

Pupils’ laboratories

At the pupils’ laboratories at KIT, pupils are given an impression of the world of “science” by experimenting and researching. KIT provides various laboratories with different topics:

  • The physics school laboratory is aimed at high school students.
  • The youth laboratory energy, science and technology offers various internships in energy research for school classes from the sixth year.
  • The geophysics school laboratory is aimed at high school students.
  • In the mathematics school laboratory the pupils may experiment with more than 80 exhibits.
  • The molecular biology laboratory offers experiments in the fields of molecular biology and genetic engineering for high school students.
  • The laboratory "School goes BioMotion" focuses on biomechanics, movement and stress analysis.
  • The radiation protection laboratory is one of the oldest school labs in Germany and provides various internships in radioactivity and radiation protection.
  • The environmental chemistry laboratory offers trace and water analysis by means of a variety of instruments.
  • The research laboratory for kids includes internships focusing on the topics "electric power" and "world of colors".


KIT Children’s University

The Children’s University at the KIT deals with fascinating questions of science. During the summer holidays, it offers children aged 7 to 14 not only fascinating lectures, an exciting kick-off fair, and a closing ceremony, but also freely accessible interactive workshops at the Children’s University Campus in the KIT Audimax.


Eltern-Kinder-Webinar "gemeinsam forschen"

Forschen mit Kita und Grundschulkindern- zu Hause gemeinsam mit der Familie den Dingen auf den Grund gehen. In dieser Webinarserie bieten wir gemeinsames Eltern-Kind-Forschen an.

Themen und Termine Eltern-Kinder-Webinare
Girls Day

Am KIT gibt es wieder eine Vielzahl von Möglichkeiten spannende Einblicke in Forschung und Wissenschaft zu bekommen.

Lange Nacht der Beratung

An der Langen Nacht der Beratung am 07. Juni 2019 können sich Studieninteressierte zu allen studienrelevanten Themen informieren.

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