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Settling in at KIT

Erstsemester mit KIT-Rucksack (Foto: Birte Wirth)

A new city, a new stage in one’s life and many questions: Where do I find suitable accommodation? What cultural activities does the KIT offer? Where can I do sports after class? And who can be asked if these questions remain unanswered?

As a beginning student at KIT, you most likely want to get a general idea about university life. Here you can find tips on how to settle in at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Living and Working

Schloss Karlsruhe (Foto: KIT/Irina Westermann)

The city of Karlsruhe has a lot to offer concerning living and studying. Public transportation connects the KIT and the urban area. Searching for accommodation in Karlsruhe can be tricky, but many helpdesks provide help.

Mensch im Labor (Foto: KIT/Markus Breig)

Whether you are in search for a secondary job or an internship, at KIT you’ll get the chance to put your skills to the test. Here you can find information on jobs offered, qualifications needed, and work at the research facilities of the KIT.


Culture and Sports

Band spielt auf Uni-Fest (Foto: KIT/Andreas Drollinger)

Enjoy your time at the KIT and attend concerts, events or theatrical performances. Institutions run by students, student groups and the Studierendenwerk offer a variety of cultural activities during semesters.

American Football: Karlsruhe Engineers (Foto: KIT/Karlsruhe Engineers)

Participating in sports at KIT can break up your daily routine. There are different on-campus sports facilities and a gym. Choose among the courses offered and sign up at the start of the semester.


Information and Consultation

Blick auf die Facebook-Seite des KIT (Foto: KIT/Eva Pailer)

The KIT publishes news on research, pictures of recent events and press releases on a regular basis. Apart from printed magazines, the university uses newsletters, videos and social media to keep you up-to-date.

Beratungsgespräch (Foto: KIT/Sandra Goettisheim)

You will always find help, if you have any questions of both study-related and private character. The helpdesk at the General Students Committee (AStA), the Study Centre for the Visually Impaired (SZS) and a helpline provide advice in difficult situations.